Change Management

Information on the CIPFA Solutions change management service

Why change management is relevant to the public sector

Local Government does not stand still. Responding to challenges and opportunities is a constant requirement. Effective change management supports the evidence-based diagnosis of the situation, the informing of the optimum response and the delivery of impactful and sustainable change.

What CIPFA has to offer in support of the public sector on change management

CIPFA Solutions recognise that responses to change need to be bespoke and outcome focussed. Therefore the best response to change can vary from Council to Council. Across CIPFA Solutions we offer support to assist you with your change programme. We work collaboratively across the CIPFA Solutions suite of services to find a best fit for your needs.

As part of CIPFA Solutions our specialist change management arm C.Co provide specialist support. C.Co are Change Management (transformation) Specialists. They are a value driven organisation that puts integrity, creativity, and sector expertise at the heart of everything we deliver. They are highly skilled at undertaking evidence driven reviews and determining the optimum way forward for organisations to maximise outcomes, quality, productivity, and value for money. They have proven diagnostics and development methods which they deploy in a bespoke way to support clients with their requirements.

How CIPFA has helped other organisations with their change management journey.

We develop long-lasting partnerships with our clients that are not based on transactional consulting deliverables, but on shared-learning, best practice insights and public sector improvement. CIPFA Solutions have built a talented team of audit and governance experts, redesign specialists, commercial experts, organisation development managers, programme managers, procurement specialists and business and financial analysts to improve outcomes for our clients. Our clients are predominantly Local Government Organisations and we have worked with all sizes and types of organisations across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

How we can help

As one example, CIPFA Solutions worked very closely with the incumbent and new CEOs, management team, Leader of a Council and relevant portfolio holders to develop a terms of reference for an Improvement Panel. CIPFA led on the creation of the panel and the sourcing of panel members which was established in December 2021. In parallel, we worked with the Council’s senior management to develop an improvement programme and plan comprised of the following key themes Medium Term Financial Strategy, Assets workstream, Capital workstream, Companies and Commercial relationships workstream, Contracts Review, create a Governance and Culture workstream, Monitoring and performance and service reviews.

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