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Information on CIPFA’s Property, Assets and advisory services

What CIPFA has to offer in supporting the public sector on property services

CIPFA’s Property, Assets and advisory services cover all aspects of Strategic Property Services including Asset Management, Development of Asset Plans, Property Investment Appraisals, Asset Rationalisation, Corporate Landlord Delivering Models and Building Surveying Solutions.

We provide an independent assessment and challenge designed to ensure that public sector assets are working for the communities they serve and are actively supporting the delivery of Corporate Objectives.

In addition to our Property Advisory service CIPFA also have a range of Property Networks and Training Service to support the sector.

Property Networks

CIPFA’s Property Networks offer professional property support, expert events and guidance. Membership is via an annual subscription basis with the networks being;

  • Strategic Assets Network
  • Property Training Network
  • Housing Advisory Network
  • Highways Asset Management Planning

Property Training

We offer two main property qualification programmes; the Diploma in Public Sector Asset Management (delivered in partnership with ACES) and the Certificate in Asset Valuation. Both qualifications are module based and delivered on-line by expert trainers. In addition, we offer a range of training events covering various property and asset management topics, for example, ‘Managing surplus assets’ and ‘Decarbonising your estate.’ Bespoke training can be provided in response to client demand.

AssetManager.Net Software (including IFRS 16 functionality)

CIPFA’s AssetManager.Net is a fully integrated capital accounting and asset management software solution incorporating IFRS 16 functionality. Designed by experts in finance, property and IT to meet the needs of public sector organisations, the system is module based, compliant with guidance and regulations, and is fully web enabled and hosted by CIPFA in AWS. Modules include Asbestos, Compliance, Condition Survey, Detailed Lease Information and Works Ordering.

How CIPFA has helped other organisations with their property services

CIPFA offers a wide range of Property, Assets and advisory services, from developing Asset Management Strategies and plans, providing asset challenge and rationalisation, to delivering surveys, writing business cases and benchmarking reports.

Over the years, these services have supported a range of clients to understand their property assets and how to maximise the performance of their assets.

We have supported clients to develop Corporate Landlord models that enable centralised decision making to ensure assets are playing their part in meeting Corporate objectives.

We work with many authorities delivering Asset Challenge, an assessment of properties against a range of criteria that include: demand and utilisation analysis; capital and revenue expenditure; sensitivity analysis; ability to achieve Net Zero targets to profile the asset. They properties are then assessed against a backdrop of future use to determine if the asset should be retained, disposed of or repurposed.

Finally, to ensure that strong property asset management and corporate landlord functions are fully embedded, we have offered our clients our senior property consultants for periods of time to transform Property Teams into high performing units, embedding our models and practices into everyday behaviours.

Why are property services relevant to the public sector

The public sector holds large property and land assets with high net worth. Amidst challenging financial pressures facing the public sector it is more important than ever that property and land assets work effectively to support corporate and financial objectives and strategies. CIPFA Property, Assets and advisory services can help maximise the opportunities Property and Land assets hold through robust challenges to asset investment, rationalisation, and decarbonisation.

How we can help

Our methodology is to ensure that we allocate the right skills to individual projects. We draw on a network of experienced and qualified consultants tailored to meet your individual requirements. We also embed our consultants into organisations to provide a strategic interim solution where required.

Contact us

For further information, please email John O'Halloran via or telephone customer services on +44 (0)20 7543 5600