IFRS16 Leases: A CIPFA resource hub

Help, support and insight from CIPFA for the implementation of IFRS16, considered the biggest change to lease accounting in over 30 years.

What is IFRS16?

IFRS16 is an International Financial Reporting Standard and provides a single lessee accounting model that requires assets and liabilities arising from almost all major lease arrangements to be recognised on balance sheet. Formal implementation for local authorities will be through the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom.

How CIPFA supports you with IFRS16

CIPFA offers a range of guidance, insight and support to help with the implementation of IFRS16. Below you will find links to a range of events, publications, policy briefings and consultations.

AssetManager.NET software

AssetManager.NET is a fully web-enabled asset management software solution for the public sector.

It is a fully-integrated finance and asset management package for both capital accounting and asset management, ensuring that your asset register and property database are compatible at all times.

It is the only asset management software that has been specifically designed for the public sector. It has been developed by our experts in finance, IT and property. It can be used to undertake condition, suitability, sufficiency, disability access and fire risk surveys along with monitoring your statutory compliance requirements as well as planned and reactive maintenance to produce comprehensive, strategic reports for all our clients.

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  • Local Authority Leasing in Accounting Code Briefings | CIPFA


Including reference material on the future accounting requirements for leases for local authorities:

  • Code Of Practice On Local Authority Accounting In The United Kingdom 2022/23 Online
  • IFRS16 Leases: Early Guide for Local Authority Practitioners


  • IFRS16: A Valuer’s Perspective, Donna Best, CIPFA Property, December 2021
  • To have and to leasehold: accounting for leases by Sarah Sheen, Public Finance on 5 September 2018

Training and Networks

IFRS16 property and infrastructure solutions

Whether building homes, hospitals, schools or roads, CIPFA's property networks will keep you up-to-date with the latest thinking, helping you with your IFRS16 issues.

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Subscribers to CIPFA's Finance Advisory Network (FAN) can access past network event materials covering the planned changes introduced under IFRS16 including:

  • materials in the FAN’s Capital Hot Topics events
  • keynote Accounts Closedown and Financial Reporting series.

For details of FAN event materials available to subscribers please login to the CIPFA FAN website pages. View any planned FAN events please at www.cipfa.org/training and search IFRS16 for the latest position. Events are also open to non-subscribers.

CIPFA solutions

  • With public sector organisations required to hold more details on leases, for inclusion on the balance sheet, CIPFA’s AssetManager.NET software system helps meet the requirements of IFRS16. Find out more