AssetManager.NET software

AssetManager.NET is a fully web-enabled asset management software solution for the public sector.

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It is a fully-integrated finance and asset management package for both capital accounting and asset management, ensuring that your asset register and property database are compatible at all times.

It is the only asset management software that has been specifically designed for the public sector. It has been developed by our experts in finance, IT and property. It can be used to undertake condition, suitability, sufficiency, disability access and fire risk surveys along with monitoring your statutory compliance requirements as well as planned and reactive maintenance to produce comprehensive, strategic reports for all our clients.

The software is fully web enabled and hosted by CIPFA allowing access from any internet enabled device. This adds flexibility for potential users at remote sites, providing convenient access to service points and the organisation's partners or contractors. Data is held securely and only accessible to authorised users. Contractors and partners can utilise different portal access options to show simplified, cutdown information that is required for their specific role.

Flexible modules

The full software package is our most comprehensive offering delivering best practice and robust systems but AssetManager.NET can be built module by module. The Core holds data common to all modules so that the system can be started with a single module and then built up as finances and resources allow.

Modules are flexible and you can use them in any combination as well as with a variety of licence profiles, making the system as adaptable and as versatile as the needs of your organisation dictate. New modules can also be developed and added to the software without affecting the functionality.

The capital accounting module is key handling the accounting entries to fulfil CIPFA's accounting requirements for tangible fixed assets as well as your intangible assets as outlined in the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting. Componentisation of all assets within the software is enabled in accordance with CIPFA LAAP Guidance. 

"The Fixed Asset Register was implemented in record time thanks to CIPFA's responsive and helpful support. Training on the system was first class, we transferred/reconciled all data in good time."
Neville Murton, Head of Finance, London Borough of Haringey


With the impending implementation of IFRS 16, authorities will be required to hold more details on the leases for inclusion on the balance sheet. AssetManager.NET software system has an existing module called Managed that allows lease information to be stored and having this data held within the AssetManager.NET system will allow it to be linked to property records in the Core and used within the Valuation and Capital Accounting Modules to meet the requirements of IFRS 16.

The Managed module has been designed to hold comprehensive data on agreements including:

  • Agreement type.
  • Rent details including reviews.
  • Service charges.
  • Decoration schedules.

All aspects of the agreement can be stored along with landlord or tenant details. Historic records of previous agreements in a specific managed record can be maintained including details of vacant periods of properties.

Full details of the Managed Module can be download here.

Full modules

  • Core, diary and AMP report, dashboard including compliance (within core).
  • Capital accounting including valuation, housing, PV&E, infrastructure and intangible assets.
  • Property management (managed) including acquisition and disposals.
  • Property case management.
  • Condition survey.
  • Property performance indicators.
  • Suitability, sufficiency and benchmarking.
  • Disability access audit.
  • Asbestos management.
  • Fire risk audit.
  • Water hygiene management.
  • Works ordering and help desk for both planned and reactive maintenance.
  • Custom report writer.
  • Transparency agenda.
  • e-PIMS data collection and submission.
  • CAD and GIS links.
  • Online help pages.

Module overview

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