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Information for organisations and those tasked with managing the end of PFI/PPP contracts

Prepare for PFI/PPP exits

With many public-Private Partnerships (PPP) - including the most common, private finance initiatives (PFIs) - coming to an end from 2025 there is a danger that important infrastructure could return to the public sector in an unsatisfactory condition or services could be disrupted.

These contracts need to be managed effectively throughout the period of the contracts, most for many years, including the expiry phase of PFI contracts such as asset hand back and the transition to future services provision. There is risk of operational disruption and service discontinuity, financial costs and reputational harm.

How CIPFA can help

With a growing number of PPP contracts approaching their expiry phase, ensuring there are the skills, knowledge and capability within organisations is paramount. CIPFA can help reduce the risks of the expiry and transition process by building the skills, knowledge and confidence of individuals and teams.

CIPFA Training

Recognising the need to build capacity and capabilities in this area, CIPFA now offers training to support those responsible for managing any stage of the PFI contract lifecycle, from planning and operations through to expiry. There are two options available: a compact, introductory webinar and a more comprehensive, certified course.

  • Introduction to PFI Exit Strategies webinar. This is a one-day webinar introducing the practical, financial and operational challenges and the expertise needed to deliver successful PFI exit strategies. New courses will launch in 2023.
  • Certified PPP (P3/PFI) Practitioner Foundation Level course. This is a two-day, internationally-recognised course accredited by APMG and delivering the detailed knowledge needed to manage and deliver successful PFI exit strategies. New courses will launch in 2023.
  • CP3P Foundation Level An APMG accredited, internationally recognised training programme aimed at the wide range of public sector professionals involved in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangements and Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts. Visit our CP3P Foundation Level page for details of the latest courses.
  • PTN PFI Exit Strategies This webinar will provide you with an essential roadmap for the successful handover of PFI assets in a fair and equitable way which ensures continuity of service delivery. Next course starts 7 December. Book now

CIPFA Advisory

The Alternative Service Delivery Network (ASDN) offers critical and timely guidance, advisory support and training to public sector organisations implementing new ways of delivering services and identifying new income generation opportunities.

CIPFA property and infrastructure solutions

Whether building homes, hospitals, schools or roads, CIPFA's property networks will keep you up-to-date with the latest thinking to help you from project start, partner selection to handover and post-project evaluation.

Find out more about CIPFA's property networks

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