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The CIPFA Procurement and Commissioning Network (CPCN) offers critical and timely guidance, documentation and training on the key issues affecting public sector procurement and commissioning as they develop.

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  • use our 'ask an advisor' service to get expert answers to you technical queries
  • communicate and network with peers around the country at special events and webinars
  • access web content, publications and newsletters to keep on top of the latest developments
  • use pre-paid places to attend events (so they don't have to be purchased/approved by a manager for each booking)
  • get discounts on some events

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Our Experts

Mohamed Hans

Mohamed Hans

Procurement Network Advisor

Mohamed joined CIPFA in 2004, after working as a senior commercial solicitor for a number of West Yorkshire local authorities. He is an expert on the European Public Procurement Rules, and has written extensively on this topic. He has also developed widely-used practitioner toolkits. He is also invited to speak at conferences (UK and abroad) and is often the first point of contact for practitioners understanding complex procurement issues. He manages the CIPFA Procurement and Commissioning Network, which has nearly 100 member authorities.


Tel: 07717 345188.


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