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Diploma in corporate governance

Practical skills to enable good governance in public bodies and builds on content covered in the Certificate in Corporate Governance.

About the programme

It is essential that good governance remains high on the agenda of public bodies. 

CIPFA's Diploma in Corporate Governance builds on prior knowledge, possibly gained through successful completion of the Certificate in Corporate Governance and brings governance issues to life through practical casework and problem-solving.

What will I learn?

The overall aim of this programme is to increase skills and make governance more effective in public bodies. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • identify and analyse governance weaknesses
  • provide practical solutions to governance problems
  • work in a team at board level
  • translate learning to make improvements in your own organisation.

Who is the course aimed at?

The programme is aimed at existing certificate level holders who wish to gain a level four diploma qualification that builds on their previous understanding and skills.


The programme is designed to ensure that time away from the office is minimised. Following the course induction, there will be two full days’ facilitated workshops as well as active participation in the course board meeting which is expected to last up to three hours.

  • lunchtime programme induction session
  • pre-seen course material
  • first workshop
  • presentation to a board
  • second workshop
  • submission of report.


To be awarded the Diploma in Corporate Governance, you will need to successfully complete:

  • personal preparation of pre-seen materials, evidence of research and analysis of the issues (maximum 1,000 words)
  • observation by CIPFA as to the quality of the papers presented and ensuing discussion by each team during the board meeting, as well as behaviour within the board setting
  • submission of a portfolio of personal reflection, focusing on learning points, and a summary of current best practice/developments within corporate governance.

When and where?

This accredited programme is offered both in-house and at locations across the UK.

Please contact customer services for more information about running the programme at your location. Customer services can also help if no dates are currently scheduled, or if you wish to discuss future dates or have the course delivered in-house.  

For date and location details, please search our accredited training calendar.

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