Certificate in Corporate Governance 2018

Diploma in Corporate Governance

A practical and structured training programme aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of those charged with making governance work in public bodies.

CIPFA Members and employees of organisations that have membership of the Better Governance Forum receive 10% off the price of this course.

About the course

Corporate governance is understandably very high on the public sector agenda. Our Diploma in Corporate Governance utilises case studies and expert theory and seeks to:

  • ensure that organisations are appropriately constituted, structured and operate the appropriate governance processes
  • support good practice in stewardship, risk and assurance, and internal control
  • exemplify standards of behaviour as a way of enabling good governance in organisations.

What the course covers

  • How to apply the corporate governance fundamentals in the public sector
  • How to establish and maintain a strategically effective framework
  • How to identify business risk with a potential impact on corporate governance
  • The role of the Board and those with whom they interact
  • Management of internal and external relationships

Who is the course aimed at?

  • Staff who support the Board
  • Staff with a responsibility for governance but with no formal training
  • Middle and senior managers or aspiring managers
  • New or aspiring Board members


The CIPFA Diploma in Corporate Governance is completed over approximately nine months. This includes:

  • eight days of classroom learning
  • approximately 80 hours of additional work to complete the assessment requirements.

Course outline

Below is a summary of the course modules. Please download the course brochure for full details.

  • Module 1: History and development of corporate governance (one day)
  • Module 2: Effective governance frameworks (two days)
  • Module 3: Servicing the Board (one day)
  • Module 4: Risk management and assurance (one day)
  • Module 5: Promoting corporate values and behaviours (one day)
  • Module 6: Public sector accountability (one day)
  • Module 7: Governance in practice (one day)


For each module you will be asked to submit a written assignment in which you demonstrate your understanding of the learning and your ability to transfer it to your own workplace and work practices.


On successful completion of the required units and associated assessment, you will be awarded the CIPFA Diploma in Corporate Governance, equivalent to a level seven (post-graduate) qualification.

CIPFA membership

On successful completion of the programme, you can apply for CIPFA Affiliate membership. If you’re not already a CIPFA member, this is a great way to access a wealth of resources and networking opportunities.

To find out more and apply, click on ‘Other professionals’ at: www.cipfa.org/join

In-house delivery

In addition to our open courses, the Diploma in Corporate Governance can also be delivered in-house and at your location, saving you valuable time and money.

This is especially cost-effective for organisations interested in training a number of individuals or whole teams and requires a measure of flexibility in delivery.

For more information about running the course in-house, contact us at: InHouseTraining@cipfa.org

CPD hours

This course carries 136 CPD hours.

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