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Housing Advisory Network (HAN)

The only public sector housing network that delivers for both finance and property professionals

The Housing Advisory Network (HAN) is essential for both housing finance and property professionals involved with the delivery of housing in the public sector.

Our property network pages are currently in the process of being updated. Please email for the latest updates, enquiries or more information.

The HAN will enable you to connect with key strategic initiatives and translate them into practical solutions that improve your council's ability to meet housing targets, learn from good practice elsewhere, make evidence-based decisions, support organisational efficiency and understand how to deliver housing projects via your Housing Revenue Account or general purpose fund either solely or in partnership with the private sector.

Our HAN series of events for 2020/2021

In 2020/21 the HAN's focus moves from being principally focused on housing finance professionals to now meeting the needs of property focused housing professionals as well. Events will therefore be:

  • Strategic and practical: delivering thought leadership and case studies from around the country based on projects that have or are being delivered by the most innovative and forward thinking authorities.
  • Informative and educational: each event delivers a housing specific and general public sector update for those busy at the coal face alongside tips, ideas and tools that develop key skills and competencies linked to housing delivery.
  • Regulation and policy focused: with the Housing Regulator focusing on the local authority, events will examine this development how its impact should be dealt with by housing teams in local authorities.
  • Expansive but relevant: events will consider the impact of ALL stakeholders in the housing sector. If councils are to successfully deliver on their 30 year business plans they need to understand all aspects.

The HAN will hold regular events from our expert advisors and external specialists, all complimented by online briefings and support. All events begin with a comprehensive housing specific and general public sector update, which is crucial in keeping yourself abreast of current developments throughout the local authority landscape. Topics for 2020/2021 will include:

  • Housing stock valuations
  • Developing a 30-year housing business plan
  • Housing finance update
  • Introduction to housing finance
  • Developing a housing asset management plan
  • Introduction to housing investment modelling
  • Housing symposium 2021 'Planning for the future'

Upcoming HAN events.

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