Major Projects Authority

The Major Projects Authority is seeking assurance reviewers. This is a unique development opportunity to get involved with some of the highest profile projects and programmes in government.

About the Major Projects Authority

The Major Projects Authority (MPA) is a new collaboration between the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury and departments with the fundamental aim of significantly improving the delivery success rate of major projects across central government. As a volunteer you would become a member of the assurance reviewer and intervention community, which supports the MPA.

Benefits of becoming a volunteer

Members of the assurance reviewer and intervention community have told of how the experience provides a unique opportunity to simultaneously contribute to capability-building in other departments and to take back learning to their own role – regardless of their current position. By supporting the most politically sensitive programmes in government, you will have the chance to develop your network of senior PPM practitioners across Whitehall, explore how differently departments translate policy direction, and become more aware of the wide range of high risk, complex programmes across government.

Find out more

More detailed information on the MPA and the reviewer role can be found at the Cabinet Office website.

To discuss in more detail please contact the MPA resourcing team at E:

Volunteer testimonials

"It's one thing to learn from your own mistakes, but it’s a better thing to help others to profit from your hard-won lessons"
Simon Davis-Poynter, High Risk Review Team Leader, MoD

"It is rewarding to focus on one thing for a week, without distractions, and to produce a complete and rounded piece of work helpful to the SRO"
David Ackland, Head of PPM Profession (Home Office)

"This is a really worthwhile role, adding value to project delivery across Government and at the same time developing personal skills"
Nick Carter, Operations Director (Driving Standards Agency, DfT)

"It shows me engaging in the wider government programme and gives [my own programme] street credibility when we’re engaging with Home Office and other government departments"
Simon Black, Director - Corporate Services (Identity and Passport Service, Home Office)

"The excitement of really being in a position to help another part of government with a highly focused intervention [draws me back to do more reviews]."
Robert Smithbury, Senior Business Development Manager (FCO Services)

Webchat is available Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding UK bank holidays).