Policy and technical

As a technical panel or working group volunteer, you could be at the forefront of formulating CIPFA's policy on public sector finance, influencing developments from the grassroots.

The production and dissemination of relevant advice and material for members and their employers is at the core of CIPFA's professional activities and our volunteers enable us to maintain our influence by underpinning this process.

Our specialist panels help shape policy and the future of the profession by responding to government consultation papers, exposure drafts and discussion documents issued by other professional bodies.

As a volunteer you would be able to contribute to the development of technical standards and guidance and have the chance to promote and maintain best practice on financial management issues affecting the public sector.

Volunteering to contribute to the delivery of CIPFA's technical work programme would enable you to monitor developments in finance and policy issues in the public sector and give you access to information on the latest national developments in the profession.

You would also have the opportunity to establish positive and productive professional relationships with government, government departments and agencies, the national audit bodies, professional regulators and other key players in the public sector, and work closely with individuals from a variety of different backgrounds and sectors – vital tools which can help keep you up to date with the rapid pace of change in today's public services.

Webchat is available Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding UK bank holidays).