aligning public services

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This second issue Aligning public services explores the strategies needed to align and integrate local public services across traditional organisational boundaries.

Public service providers have long recognised the potential of harnessing their collective resources to deliver better results for the people and places they serve. However, in an era when all parts of the public sector face diminishing resources, greater collaboration is critical to a successful future.

Only by coming together and aligning local public services, can the public sector address the delivery challenges in all our local areas, and truly be greater than the sum of its parts.


In this Issue:

Joining the payment dots
Chris Ham, CEO of the King's Fund

The parts the state can’t reach
Dame Clare Tickell, Chief Executive of Hanover Housing Association

Reasons to be cheerful on alignment
Julian McCrae , Deputy director of the Institute for Government

Time for Whitehall to let go
Lord Kerslake, Former head of the civil service and DCLG permanent secretary 

Planning for a place-based future
Lord Bichard, Former CEO of the Benefits Agency and permanent secretary at the DfEE

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