protecting the public purse

PF AuditThis first issue Protecting the public purse explores the challenges that all audit bodies face, at this critical moment for public audit.

In the UK and internationally the challenges facing the public sector are enormous. Soaring demand for services, rising demographic pressures, and the continuing climate of austerity have squeezed budgets as never before. In response to these pressures, governments have looked to new ways of delivering essential services, some of them more successful than others.



In this Issue:

A critical moment for public audit 
Margaret Hodge, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee

Back to what public audit future?
Lord Heseltine, Conservative peer

Public audit: beyond the public service fragments
Gareth Davies, Head of public services at accounting firm Mazars

A brave new world for local audit?
Marcine Waterman, Controller of Audit at the Audit Commission

Not your average company auditor
Rob Whiteman, CIPFA Chief Executive

Public audit: no more back-seat driving
Sir Derek Myers, Audit Chair at Public Health England

Public audit: following the public pound
Caroline Gardner, Auditor General of Scotland

Public audit: a place-based approach to restoring trust
Jessica Crowe, former Director of the Centre for Public Scrutiny

Public audit: how to walk the assurance tightrope
Lyn Provost, Controller and Auditor General of New Zealand

Who audits the auditor?
Pamela Monroe Ellis, Auditor General of Jamaica

A mandate to deliver good government
Pat Barrett, former Auditor General of Australia

Public audit European style
Caroline Mawhood, Member of the Audit Progress Committee of the European Commission

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