North East Accountancy Awards

The results of the 2018 North East Accountancy Awards are now in.

2018 Awards

Another glittering night was in store, as over 400 North East finance people headed for the Hilton Gateshead in June, to celebrate the North East Accountancy Awards. The Awards recognise excellence within the fields of finance, accounting and tax from all industry sectors operating in the North East – whether from an accountancy firm, a local business, a service provider, or a public sector organisation. Nominees, sponsors, judges, local finance teams and individuals all were in attendance.

Alfie Joey, Presenter on BBC Radio Newcastle, was our host for the evening and took to the stage to welcome the guests.

Phil Kite, ICAEW member and part of Team Tyne Innovation, also took to the stage to speak to the audience about the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, which his team will be participating in for 40-70 days at sea in December. He highlighted the various technologies developed by local businesses which are featured in the team's row boat, showcasing the talent and innovation the region has to offer.

Once again CIPFA North East was prominent as a continued sponsor of the event (and in particular the ‘Public services finance team of the year’ Award). The finalists in our award category were:

  • Bernicia Group, and
  • National Audit Office

This year was particularly difficult for the judging panel. Both of these organisations do incredible work in their own areas. One delivers important work both nationally and regionally – delivering reports affecting national policy on homelessness, while the other delivers equally important work locally for local people – building social housing to reduce homelessness. Both presented and represented their organisations impeccably and demonstrated high levels of commitment and teamwork to achieve entirely different objectives.  They demonstrated innovation, development and support through mentoring programmes, a strong technical ability, skillset, passion and pride in their work.  With all this in mind, after hours of debate and discussion, our panel of seasoned and experienced judges finally came to the conclusion that both of these fantastic organisations were deserving of the title. Congratulations to both Bernicia Group and National Audit Office!

The award was presented by Jim Dafter, regional Vice President, who was substituting for current regional President Judith Savage.