Who's in the South East CIPFA Student Network?

The organising committee is made up of student members from the South East along with co-opted members providing an advisory role from the CIPFA South East Council and CIPFA Education and Training Centre (CETC).

Elected officers 2020/21

  • President: Honor Green
  • Vice President: Michael Docherty
  • Secretary: Morgan McIntosh
  • Treasurer: Emily Busby
  • Events and Wellbeing Officer: Luke Trefonis

Student members

  • Halimat Adetunli: local government
  • Will Goodchild: local government
  • James Kidd: local government
  • Tim Mpofu: local government
  • Lydia Nevitt: local government
  • Damien Pantling: local government
  • Chris Roberts: local government
  • Jamie Shah: local government
  • Raj Shah: local government  
  • Frances Slack: charity sector
  • Daniel van Bregt: central government

Co-opted members

  • Alison Sweeting: Training Delivery Manager, CIPFA

Joining the South East CIPFA Student Network

South East CIPFA Student Network is looking for new members to join our organising committee. Being part of the committee is a great way to build new contacts and supplement your personal and career development. The committee meets once every few months to plan and arrange future events, with meetings usually starting at 17.30. Volunteers can commit as much or as little time as they want.

Find out more about regional volunteering.

Contact us

If you would like to get in contact, please email southeaststudent@cipfa.org