Who's in your region

The current members of CIPFA South East Council

CIPFA South East Council membership for 2023/2024 was confirmed at the regional AGM on 27 April 2023.

Elected officer roles

Other Council roles

Corporate Members
Trisha Brigemahone
Chris Chaplin-Roberts
James Kidd
Stephanie Mitchener

Registered Students
Morgan McIntosh

Retired Corporate Member

Accounting Technician

Accounting Technician Student

Immediate Past President
Kathryn Long

CIPFA Management nominee
Joanne Pitt

Co-opted members
Lorna Baxter
Chris Blundell
Paul Clarke
James Cook
Alina Gheorghiu-Currie
Daniel O'Rourke
Jamie Shah
Thu Ta
Nick White

Elected CIPFA Council members
Naeem Ahmed
Caroline Al-Beyerty
Amy Crowson
Ian Williams

Regional role statements

CIPFA South East Council are in the process of reviewing all the role statements below and documents will be uploaded once finalised and approved.