Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

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Forthcoming events

View CIPFA South East's latest 2021 events plan (updated 29 March 2021) (PDF, 21 KB)

PFI expiry – are you preparing for the exit?

This planned session is postponed until the autumn.

Workplace Wellbeing series – Home and Hybrid working: issues for now and the future

13 May 2021, 11.15-12.15

Register in advance using the Zoom event link

This virtual event in our regional Workplace Wellbeing series is sponsored by CIPFA Penna.

Emma Nixey, Director, The Inclusion Initiative, will present a topical and interactive session designed to help colleagues identify and continue the successes and address some of the difficulties that home working has presented during the Covid-19 pandemic. She will also encourage us to share some personal resilience tips as we consider the implications of hybrid working as a potential part of the 'new normal' for many organisations.

June and July 2021 events

We are planning twice-monthly region-wide Zoom sessions. They will all be recorded for you to access on demand if you cannot participate on the day.

Themes and topics will include:

  • Post-COVID 'levelling up' and the economic recovery - what are the implications and opportunities for the public sector?
  • Local economic regeneration - new strategies and financial innovation opportunities?
  • Resourcing climate emergency declarations and carbon reduction initiatives
  • Devolution revisited and localism reinvented. What's the future for our region?

Virtual Mentoring - some pilot sessions are planned!

We will shortly be releasing a workshop/briefing video on developing our regional speed mentoring events in 2021, initially as virtual sessions and then live events when COVID restriction relaxation permits. You could have an opportunity to be involved in these pilots and information about that will be included in the video.

All of our events are 'open door' access to non-CIPFA colleagues working to support the delivery of public services across our region.

If you have any questions about our events, please contact John Barker, Regional

Recent events

Photos from recent events can be viewed on CIPFA South East's Flickr page.

Virtual Spring Conference 2021 – 30 April 2021

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace webinar – 20 April 2021

Budget 2021: what did we learn? and Levelling Up – 12 March 2021

The 'Budget 2021: what did we learn?' and 'Levelling Up' presentations from Ben Zaranko, Research Economist, Institute for Fiscal Studies are available to watch on Vimeo (Password: Budget2021).

Financial resilience, addressing future risks and developing good governance – 29 January and 5 February 2021

During January and February 2021, the CPD theme was Resilience, Risk and Governance. Five presentations (approximately 30 minutes each) are now available to watch on Vimeo (Password: Resilience).

International events – 26 October 2020

Climate Emergency – 15 October 2020

Climate change and carbon reduction – 13 October 2020

CIPFA FM Code – 29 September 2020

New Normal, new risks – 21 September 2020

Public Finance in Wessex 2020 Conference – 12 March 2020

CPD and networking evening – 29 January 2020

Thames Valley Hub Group Meeting – 4 November 2019

West Sussex Hub Group Meeting – 10 September 2019

Spring Conference 2019 – 27 March 2019

Public Finance in Wessex 2019 Conference – 6 March 2019

Annual Dinner 2018 – 9 November 2018

CPD and networking evening – 19 September 2018

Public Finance in East Anglia Conference – 14 September 2018

Summer Conference – 6-8 September 2018

Spring Conference 2018 – 19 March 2018

Public Finance in Wessex 2018 Conference – 8 March 2018

Wessex Hub Group Meeting – 14 November 2017

Annual Dinner 2017 – 10 November 2017

60th Summer Conference – 7–9 September 2017

Public Finance in East Anglia Conference – 29 June 2017

New members' ceremony – 17 May 2017

Spring Conference 2017 – 23 March 2017