Student health and wellbeing

Exams and studying alongside work can be stressful at the best of times. Add in a global pandemic and things can become extremely difficult.

That means it's more important than ever for us to take the time to look after our mental health and wellbeing. We have compiled a list of helpful tools and resources, which we be updated over time, to help you in taking care of your mental health and wellbeing.

Exam tips

Managing your revision to minimise exam stress is important for taking care of your short-term physical health and your emotional wellbeing. We recommend you consider implementing some of our quick tips to make revision easier:

  • Draw up a plan for your revision schedule with clear daily targets — break up big topics into manageable pieces, and make sure your daily targets are realistic and focus on what you need to revisit.
  • Don't over-study — if you finish everything you planned to do that day an hour early, go out and see your friends, watch a movie, or take a well-deserved nap.
  • Consider bringing up the option of study leave with your employer if you're struggling, as they may have advice or resources you aren't aware of.
  • Discuss any issues you're having with your tutors and use the forum on CIPFA Learning to reach out to other students for advice and support.
  • Maintain a balanced diet and keep a water bottle on your desk — the protein in food like nuts is especially good for an energy boost and make an excellent snack, and they have the added benefit of containing good fats and magnesium to lower stress levels.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

CIPFA's Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub is full of free resources for anyone who may need support. The hub brings together information and support on a wide range of topics. Access is free of charge to all, not just CIPFA members or students, it's anonymous and there's no need to register.

Mental health first aiders

CIPFA has dedicated trained mental health first aiders for students. If you're really struggling and would like to speak to someone who can listen and point you to professional support, please email  

Useful resources


Music can be a really powerful tool for relaxation and concentration. Here are some recommended listens:


Exercise can be very helpful for relaxation and stress relief. If you can, take some form of exercise — whether that's a walk, home workout or run. Guided meditation, mindfulness and breathing exercises are also readily available online which can help with relaxation. In response to the pandemic lots of guided exercise has moved online, you can find all types of workout and instructors online with some content available for free.


Apps which may help you in stressful periods include:

  • Headspace – the app is free to download. If you choose an annual subscription this is £49.99 and comes with a two week free trial. The monthly subscription is £9.99 a month and comes with a week-long free trial
  • Calm – the app is free to download with a limited version available for free. You can have a free seven day trial of the premium version, £28.99 for the premium version a year
  • Smiling Mind – free app with a variety of mindfulness exercises
  • Insight Timer – a free app with guided meditations and mindfulness exercises

External links

If you are struggling right now and would like more information, please visit:

Webchat is available Monday to Friday, 09:00 - 17:00 (excluding UK bank holidays).