Finance and accountancy training for UN employees:

CIPFA's International Public Financial Management programme

CIPFA and the UN have worked together since 2013. As part of its commitment to professionalising its finance function and improving its financial management performance, the UN has to date nominated over 1,600 staff from across 18 agencies to take part in our IPFM programme.

The programme – the only specialist qualification in the world focused on public service finance – aims to update the development needs, skills, competency, education and experience of UN finance staff. It creates a class standard in financial skills development and prepares individuals for taking on the roles of future finance managers and leaders.

As a CIPFA programme, it also provides participants who complete the requirements of the programme with a comprehensive and internationally recognised certification in the technical competencies needed for different roles, duties and degrees of seniority at the UN.

Getting started

Step 1: Register as a student

New students will need to register as student members.

By becoming a student member, students agree to the International Code of Conduct and CIPFA's membership regulations.

Read CIPFA's membership regulations

Register as a student  

Step 2: Enrol on a class

As part of your programme, you will attend web classes for each of the modules of the IPFM qualification. The training fee will allow you up to 3 terms of tuition for the same module, in case you are unsuccessful in the exam.

Re-sit Revision Timetable (September 2019)

Web Class Timetable (Autumn 2019)

Enrol on a class  

Step 3: Book your exam

Exam bookings for the September exams session are now closed

Students will be able to book exams for the December session from 10 September.

Exam Dates