Costing the curriculum


New funding formula, increased pupil numbers, academies, teacher recruitment… this Insight looks at the issues surrounding educational funding, planning and the difficulties in balancing the books whilst maintaining or improving school attainment.


Delivering effective financial management


Delivering effective financial management in Public Service Organisations, The CIPFA FM model – statements of good practice.

Delivering Effective Financial Management

Developing local economies


Increased economic growth has been a prime candidate for increased devolution and the part of public policy where some movement has taken place. This Insight explores the issue of what is meant by devolution.


Easing the pressure: the incentive for early accounts closedown


In this Insight CIPFA examines what the future finance department will need to do to adhere to expected prompt financial reporting and to deliver good practice in terms of quality and efficiency.


Emerging stronger


This report looks at shaping the finance function to meet new and future challenges, whether the function is centralised, distributed across the organisation, or delivered in collaboration with other agencies.

Emerging Stronger front cover

Enabling change


Local authorities face unprecedented financial pressures with demands on them to spend less money. Despite this, local government has risen to and met the challenges it faced. How have local authorities saved money and what issues does this raise?


English local authority reserves


Reserves are important to local authorities but with increased financial pressures are CFOs having to use the money to continue service provision?

Briefing-Paper-LG-Reserves-v12 (2)

Finance competencies for public services: shaping the finance function to meet new and future challenges


This Keystone focuses on four core roles for the finance function: innovator, business partner, steward and provider/commissioner and looks at the contribution the finance function makes and how to make it fit for future challenges.

Finance Competencies for Public Services

Finance’s role in public sector transformation


The role of finance has always undergone constant change, but today this is happening faster than ever because of wider organisational developments in digital modelling, automation, data science and cloud computing. This report by CIPFA and Eduserv examines the impact of changes on the finance profession.


Five point plan for Northern Ireland


Following the elections in Northern Ireland in February 2017, CIPFA looks at the challenges faced by the new Executive. It considers governance, the provision of effective public services and the longer-term financial situation.

CIPFA-Briefing-NI-Executive-2017-FINAL (1)

From desire to delivery


Essays from CIPFA's roundtables on the integration of health and social care.

From desire to delivery essays

From desire to delivery: CIPFA's roundtables on the integration of health and social care


Health and social care face tough challenges and integration is a promising way to deal with their financial problems as well as improving the user experience. This Insight considers what integration would look like, the financial impact, barriers to moving forward and getting integration right.

From desire to delivery report

Funding devolved government across the UK


The move to devolve further powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland raises questions in terms of the allocation of funding. This CIPFA Briefing considers how effective the Barnett formula will be in the long term.


Gender budgeting for public finance


Gender budgeting starts from the premise that the way in which resources are raised or allocated has implications as the policies or programmes which are funded, impact differently on women and men. However, gender inequalities are enmeshed in institutional practices, including budgetary processes, and is one of the main reasons to talk about gender and public finance and public policy. This insight does just that.

Gender budgeting cover

Glossary for NHS and local government finance and governance


Financial regimes, cultures and terminology differ between health and local government and can lead to confusion. This publication, produced by the HFMA and CIPFA, provides a glossary of terms used frequently in relation to finance and governance in the NHS and local government.

glossary_for_nhs_and_local_government_finance_and_governance_2017 (2)

Good governance standard for public services


A guide to help those concerned with governance in the public services to understand and apply principles of good governance.

Good governance standard for public services front cover

Guidance for CFOs working in health and local government


The health and social care sectors are facing the most difficult circumstances in the most challenging of times. This publication sets out the roles of the CFO working across the NHS and local government. It considers the implications for the increasing number of CFOs working in a dual arrangement and looks at the similarities and differences between the roles in each sector.

Guidance for CFO's in health and local government cover

The health of health finances


Does the government have adequate plans to deal with the financial pressures on the health service? This CIPFA Briefing reviews the evidence by looking at financial results and forecasts and the pressures they indicate, making comparisons with trends in spending levels and analysing the specific pressures likely in future years.


Home truths - CFOs on the path to integration


A survey of CFOs carried out by CIPFA and iMPOWER in summer 2017 suggests a consensus around what needs to be done and results come at an interesting moment, just as sustainability and transformation plans are set to move from plans to actions.

Hometruths CFOs briefing

International Framework: Good Governance in the Public Sector


This publication aims to encourage better service delivery and improve accountability by establishing a benchmark for aspects of good governance in the public sector.

International Framework  Good Governance in the Public Sector

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