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Gender budgeting for public finance


Gender budgeting starts from the premise that the way in which resources are raised or allocated has implications as the policies or programmes which are funded, impact differently on women and men. However, gender inequalities are enmeshed in institutional practices, including budgetary processes, and is one of the main reasons to talk about gender and public finance and public policy. This insight does just that.

Gender budgeting cover

Glossary for NHS and local government finance and governance


Financial regimes, cultures and terminology differ between health and local government and can lead to confusion. This publication, produced by the HFMA and CIPFA, provides a glossary of terms used frequently in relation to finance and governance in the NHS and local government.

glossary_for_nhs_and_local_government_finance_and_governance_2017 (2)

Good governance standard for public services


A guide to help those concerned with governance in the public services to understand and apply principles of good governance.

Good governance standard for public services front cover

Guidance for CFOs working in health and local government


The health and social care sectors are facing the most difficult circumstances in the most challenging of times. This publication sets out the roles of the CFO working across the NHS and local government. It considers the implications for the increasing number of CFOs working in a dual arrangement and looks at the similarities and differences between the roles in each sector.

Guidance for CFO's in health and local government cover

The health of health finances


Does the government have adequate plans to deal with the financial pressures on the health service? This CIPFA Briefing reviews the evidence by looking at financial results and forecasts and the pressures they indicate, making comparisons with trends in spending levels and analysing the specific pressures likely in future years.


Home truths - CFOs on the path to integration


A survey of CFOs carried out by CIPFA and iMPOWER in summer 2017 suggests a consensus around what needs to be done and results come at an interesting moment, just as sustainability and transformation plans are set to move from plans to actions.

Hometruths CFOs briefing

International Framework: Good Governance in the Public Sector


This publication aims to encourage better service delivery and improve accountability by establishing a benchmark for aspects of good governance in the public sector.

International Framework  Good Governance in the Public Sector

International Public Sector Financial Accountability Index - 2018 Status Report


Accrual reporting – recording the economic substance of transactions when they occur rather than when cash settlement occurs – is fundamental to good decision making, transparency and accountability. This summary report provides a picture of the quality of public financial information and the extent of IPSAS adoption around the world and uses the data as of October 2018.

Accountability index 2018 report cover

Investing in council housing


The government’s aim to build one million new homes over the next five years is ambitious, and requires investment. Our survey confirms that authorities with housing stock envisage challenges from the reduction in rental income which can be seen in reforecast business plans and warnings over financial stability.


Investing in flexible public services


There has been increasing confusion over the financial stability of the public sector. CIPFA looks at key areas that need addressing including Brexit, medium-term planning and flexibility in the use of resources.

BriefingPaperPreSpringBudget2017v2FINAL (1)

Leading in hard times


The guidance outlined in this report is tailored explicitly for the very difficult conditions public service leaders find themselves in, due to the global financial crisis, the subsequent recession and the reduction of the UK’s budget deficit.

Leading in Hard Times front cover

Leading internal audit in the public sector


The CIPFA Statement on the Role of the Head of Internal Audit recommends how the role operates in practice to deliver high quality internal audit leadership. The aim of this publication is to provide examples of how heads of internal audit are successfully working with their organisations to put the recommended principles into practice.

Leading internal audit principles into practice

Let's get together


In 2015, CIPFA held a series of roundtable discussions to identify potential obstacles to successful integration and how those might be overcome. The conclusions emerging suggest, if the best is to be made of such integration, both the Government and local health and social care players need to act now.


Looking forward: medium-term financial strategies in the UK public sector


Having an effective medium-term financial plan makes it easier for an organisation to manage funding fluctuations. This Insight says why financial planning is so important and the benefits it brings.


Measured resilience in English authorities


In July 2018, CIPFA developed a proposal to publish an index of resilience of English councils, designed to support the local government sector as it faces continued financial challenge.

CIPFA Briefing

More medicine needed: the health of health finances revisited


Much has happened, but has anything really changed since CIPFA published The Health of Health Finances in 2015? This Insight revisits the challenges facing NHS finances and offers possible solutions.


Moving ahead with integration


With integration emerging as the great hope for health and social care finances this insight looks at the conditions needed for assimilation to be successful.


Open book contract management: following the public pound


Half of the £187bn the government spends with third parties each year goes on contracted out services. CIPFA argues that the use of open book contract management would maximise the value obtained, share efficiency, strengthen corporate social responsibility and ensure transparency.


Performance tracker: data-driven analysis of the performance of government (2018)


Performance Tracker brings together more than 150 data series to provide a comprehensive picture of the performance of key public services. This third edition expands on our 2017 analysis. This report focuses on general practice, hospitals, adult social care, children’s social care, schools, neighbourhood services, the police, criminal courts and prisons.

Performance Tracker 2018 cover

Performance tracker: data-driven analysis of the performance of government (2019)


Performance Tracker brings together more than 200 data series to provide a comprehensive picture of the performance of key public services. This fourth edition considers how demand for nine key public services – including hospitals, schools and the police – will change over the next five years.

Performance tracker 2019 cover

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