Skilled up: what the finance leader needs to know


There are many reasons to celebrate the resilience, inventiveness and effectiveness of the finance community who have coped admirably with almost a decade of austerity. This report offers some reflections on the financial leadership challenge arising from this environment.


Sorting the plans


CIPFA examined the first nine of the 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plans submitted in October 2016 to be publicly released to see how the STPs were shaping up and if integrated working would do more to help make them a success.

Specification for carrying out condition surveys


This free publication will help with the procurement of property condition surveys.


Stepping stones to accrual accounting: the transition from cash to accrual accounting


The transition from cash to accrual accounting is a key part of strengthening public financial management. This keystone goes through the issues and risks involved in a transition process and the tools an organisation needs to take implementation forward.

Stepping Stones to Accrual Accounting

Talent Management in Government Finance


There is an increasing focus on attracting and retaining the best finance professionals working in governments around the world. This report kicks off the conversation about talent management strategies and provides an initial evidence base from which we can start to develop a truly sustainable workforce in financial management. In collaboration with the International Colloquium on Financial Management for National Governments.

Talent management in government finance cover

Telling the Whole Story


The theme of this paper is that it is the individual council that is best placed to determine how it will communicate with and interact with its stakeholders.

Telling the Whole Story Consultation

The case for commissioning and procurement transformation in English local government


There have been unprecedented cuts in public service expenditure which means organisations have to become smarter in commissioning, procuring and then managing the resultant contracts. This Insight gives CFOs the questions to ask to ensure successful procurement processes are in place.

Commissioning and Procurement

The CIPFA FM Model: assessment of financial management in public service organisations


Good financial management is a key corporate discipline and a feature of successful organisations. CIPFA believes that applying the CIPFA FM Model will help ensure robust financial management arrangements, shaped to support your organisation in the challenging times ahead.


The levy, apprenticeships and the public sector


This CIPFA Insight looks at the way the public sector could be affected as the Apprenticeship Levy goes ahead and includes concerns and opportunities voiced by focus groups of public sector leaders held by CIPFA in late 2016.


The long downturn


This publication provides a commentary on the current state of the UK economy. Beginning with the growth forecasts, ambitions and policies set by the Coalition Government in 2010 it moves on to what needs to happen in the future, concluding that the worst may still be yet to come.

The Long Downturn front cover

The role of the chief financial officer in academies


A guide to help chief finance officers (CFOs) in schools and colleges understand the complex duties they are expected to carry out.

Role of CFO in Academies

The role of the chief financial officer in clinical commissioning groups


This statement describes the role and responsibilities of CFOs in these organisations.

Front cover: the Role of the Chief Financial Officer in Clinical Commissioning Groups

The role of the chief financial officer in further education


This guide describes the role and responsibilities of chief financial officers in further education including sixth form colleges.

Front cover of Role of the CFO in Further Education

The role of the chief financial officer in local authorities


A guide to help bring clarity to the complex list of duties a CFO is expected to carry out. It provides an important source of reference for personal development, both for current and aspiring CFOs.

The Role of the Chief Financial Officer

The Role of the Chief Financial Officer in Local Government


This publication outlines the roles and responsibilities of the chief financial officer (CFO) in local government.

The Role of the Chief Financial Officer in Local Government

The role of the Chief Financial Officer in public service organisations


This statement sets out a principles-based framework for all public service organisations and their CFOs.

The Role of the Chief Financial Offer in Public Sector Organisations

The role of the chief financial officer in the local government pension scheme


This is a statement of how the requirements of legislation and professional standards should be fulfilled by CFOs in the carrying out of their role in the LGPS.

Role of the CFO in the LGPS 2014

The role of the head of internal audit in public service organisations


A guide for heads of internal audit to clarify the responsibilities of the role and to define best practice. Public service organisations will find the principles useful to assess their audit and governance arrangements.

The Role of the Head of Internal Audit

Transformation: how finance teams are driving local government innovation


Developing new, more effective ways to deliver public services can involve significant transformation of an organisation’s operating model. This report looks at the role of the finance function in enabling local government to find efficient models of service delivery that focus on the needs of citizens.

Transformation: how finance teams are driving local government innovation

A balance sheet for Wales public sector


Against a background of debate on funding for public services in Wales this CIPFA Briefing starts by looking at the current financial situation. It then suggests ways of strengthening the management of public finances to support future financial planning.


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