Environmental and Regulatory CIPFAstats+ Datasets

These datasets provide detailed financial and non-financial information to help local authorities analyse and compare performance on environmental health, trading standards, council farms and waste services – helping to ensure environmental and regulatory responsibilities are managed efficiently and deliver value for money.

What is the benefit?

Environmental challenges do not stop at any borders, national or international. The key to securing positive impact is to establish the current context and to provide examples of best practice due diligence within your sector. This dataset will allow you to visualise the now and to compare your organisations performance with others.

Council Farms Dashboard

This dashboard will provide detailed financial and other information on council farms and rural estates in England and Wales, including: the number, types and size of farm/rural estate; acquisitions and disposals; tenancies; rent roll; capital expenditure on acquisitions and staff employed. It will also include operational and non-operational expenditure, including the cost of estate management.

What is the benefit? 

Allows you to manage your cost and spend using this interactive dashboard to analyse key metrics, providing you with detailed financial information to support organisational decisions. 

Waste Collection & Disposal Dashboard

This dashboard will provide a detailed range of waste collection and disposal analysis, including the number of properties receiving a waste collection service, operational management and the method of service provision. There will also be visualisations showing the quantities of waste arising and its management – such as methods of treatment and disposal – alongside capital and revenue expenditure and the net cost of these specific processes.

What is the benefit?

A hot topic, high on the agenda for most organisations. This dataset allows you to analyse and strategise around your waste collection, disposal and how best to manage these important services in a sustainable way in the future.