Fire and Rescue Service CIPFAstats+ Datasets

The datasets included in this theme cover actual and budget expenditure as well as a breakdown of staffing and number of appliances for the fire and rescue services in England and Wales. This is invaluable for those wishing to examine service efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the benefit? 

Service efficiency and effectiveness is key to a well-functioning fire and rescue service. This interactive tool allows you to explore relevant datasets, looking beyond budget expenditure and providing you with a comprehensive view to progress with confidence. 

Fire and Rescue Service Dashboard

The upcoming Fire Services dashboard will allow users to look at actual and budgeted expenditure across years and to draw comparisons to their peers. Income will also be analysed including by third parties, to see how efficient and effective they are.

What is the benefit? 

A comparative tool allowing you to analyse and compare data across organisations and years so that you can benchmark what excellence looks like and how to get there.