Public health

Across the UK, public health outcomes vary widely. For example, while in the most recent study only 11% of Wandsworth residents reported 'limiting long-term illness or disability', in Blackpool the equivalent figure was over 25%. With such diversity in outcome, decision-making around public health must be determined by information at local authority level.

The public health dashboard delivers exactly that by pulling together relevant datasets to analyse statistics on areas such as: obesity, dementia, disability, drug and alcohol abuse, life expectancy, limiting long-term illness, mental health, mobility and falls, mortality, sexual abuse, suicide and wellbeing. As an online dashboard, it will be fully interactive allowing users to select a customisable group of comparator authorities and visualise data stretching back over the last five years, whilst all being fully exportable.

By placing outcomes alongside funding, the public health dashboard will be an indispensable tool for local authorities seeking to identify the particular challenges they face and develop the financial planning required to address them.

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