Sustainability has been a chief concern among central government for some time. However, it's only in the last few years that it's come to hold a significant place on the agenda of local authorities. Now it is key, information and evidence on the topic are essential.

Our dashboard pulls together datasets produced by DEFRA, DfT, and the Environmental Agency among others to present a picture of how well authorities are performing in comparison to one another across areas such as waste generation, pollution and biodiversity. As an online dashboard, it's fully interactive allowing users to select a customisable group of comparator authorities and visualise data stretching back over the last five years, whilst all being fully exportable.

Following the launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: A Guide for Councils in 2020, calls for issues such as climate change, emission reduction and nature conservation to be tackled at local authority level are only getting louder. If councils are to address these issues from a sound base, information on where they stand currently is a prerequisite and our sustainability dashboard provides this.

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