Frequently Asked Questions

Why are only statistics for England available?

The current version of the Index is focusing on England only, but we are looking into supporting other areas where appropriate in the future.

Why is there no children's social care judgement for my authority?

District councils do not have responsibility for social care, which is why this has not been included in the index.

Why is there no single overall indicator?

This data is not a predicator of failure. It does not produce a league table based on a single risk measure, as CIPFA does not believe that such a measure exists.

Where is the data from and is the raw data available?

The underpinning data is publicly available and CIPFA has not used any data provided specifically by councils. The primary data source is the Revenue Outturn data set compiled by MHCLG. Because these data sets are readily available, CIPFA will not supply the raw data.

Will this be updated next year?

We do intend for this to be further developed in the future.

I think my data is wrong.

The financial data used in this index is all publicly available and should therefore be correct. However, any queries can be sent to

Why does my district not have a social care ratio?

This measure is based on the fact that social care is demand led and there is less control over this than other areas of service. District councils do not have responsibility for social care. CIPFA is still working with the Society of District Council Treasurers to identify a similar measure for districts.

Who decided my nearest neighbours?

CIPFA maintains a model that generates sets of statistical nearest neighbours. The default model uses 20 factors including demographic variables, deprivation, employment and population density.