Summer benefits update 2021


As the country begins to return to something approaching normal, the effects of COVID-19 continues to impact on benefit services. These two half-day webinars provided an update of the latest information, changes and caselaw affecting housing benefit, council tax support and universal credit.

The first webinar concentrated on providing an update on issues affecting housing benefit and council tax support, including the latest information on ongoing funding, legislation, caseload and caselaw. This included an update on housing benefit subsidy claims, administration funding and additional council tax support grant, the latest legislation affecting local authority decision making, and the continuing impact of both COVID-19 and the universal credit roll out on housing benefit caseloads.

The second webinar provided an update on the process and roll out of universal credit, and how this impacts on local authority benefits services. This included the latest developments in universal credit assessment periods, payments, costs and the ongoing impact of universal credit on claimants and local authorities. The webinar finished with a round up of caselaw and other developments affecting the delivery of benefit services.


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