Supported and Specified Accommodation 2020


Following a number of requests the CBRS has provided a fully updated short series of events on the treatment of claims for housing benefit from those living in supported, specified and temporary accommodation. These events took place in Manchester Birmingham and London in January 2020 and were aimed at those who either have not previously attended this event or who wish to be updated on the issues raised by this type of claim.

Dealing with housing benefit claims from those living in supported (exempt) accommodation and other specialist housing schemes are some of the most complex areas of housing benefits administration and the different subsidy arrangements relating to these kinds of claim can result in high costs for local authorities.

The effective identification and treatment of housing benefit claims in respect of such accommodation therefore remains important both for local authorities and supported accommodation providers.

This series of CBRS events took a detailed look these types of claim and provided a full update on the treatment of housing benefit claims from those living in supported and temporary accommodation and the financial impact on the authority and providers. It also includes analysis of some of the latest relevant caselaw.


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