Central List Consultation


In August 2021 Government published a consultation outlining proposals to make changes to the central rating list from 1 April 2023. Following this consultation, as outlined in Business Rates Information Letter 4 of 2022, the Government decided that certain large telecoms networks and the Channel Tunnel rail link would be moved from local rating lists to the central rating list. DLUHC committed to ensuring that billing authorities were kept informed of progress but they are not inclined to issue a BRIL with the information and, with this in mind, they have asked the LGA, IRRV and CIPFA to disseminate this update.

DLUHC have complied a list of the ratepayers being considered for moving to the central list and the billing authorities affected, this list can be found below.

The relevant considerations for the move were set out in the consultation; i.e. the nature and use of the property, the size and geographical spread of the property, and the suitability or otherwise for assessment of the property on local non-domestic rating lists.  The information relevant to these considerations is held by the ratepayers and the VOA so DLUHC are working with them to gather that information and consider each case on its merits. The list is, therefore, provided to local government for information only.

For the data on the list, please note that:

  • some of the names on the list may have changed since the list was generated and there may also be some mergers,

  • there may also be some smaller network assessments and ancillary assessments in the same occupation as the main assessment which are drawn into the central list assessment in the event that these networks move.  The list shows the known networks in the case of City Fibre and Virgin Media but there will be other smaller ancillary hereditaments not listed, and

  • this is work in progress and could change. In particular, DLUHC may have to drop networks from the exercise if they receive no or insufficient information to allow the Secretary of State to make a decision


In addition there is also HS1 which has hereditaments in the rating lists of Camden (most of the hereditament including the line) and Ashford (the station there). 

It is DLUHC’s intention to follow the broad principle of the wider revaluation adjustment – using the draft rating list for adjustment in the 2023 Local Government Finance report but allowing for reconciliations using the compiled rating list and the 2024 Local Government Finance report.

DLUHC are having to work with the current events in Government but as an indicative timeline, they will discuss the draft revaluation adjustment methodology, including the proposed adjustment of baselines to account for transfers from local lists to the central list, initially with their working group, which includes representative bodies for local government, in early August. They then aim to commence wider engagement with the sector on the methodology in late Summer, with the aim to feed in the adjustments in to the provisional Local Government Finance Settlement in December.

Copy of networks list for LAs

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