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This event covered issues that local authority revenues practitioners need to be aware of. These included a focus on the CTB1 form, which will be due imminently, a look at the case of Woolway vs Mazars and its implications for ratepayers and revenues teams, the latest on rates avoidance and the latest on debt recovery as well as a round up of the latest topical news.

The programme for this event covered.

  • Session 1 – With the CTB1 form due for completion soon this session looked at the form and the process as well as considering the tax base calculation.
  • Session 2 – The decision of the Supreme court in Woolway vs Mazars has implications for both ratepayers and revenues teams. This session looked at the decision, the reasons behind it as well as the implications.
  • Session 3 – Business rates avoidance is costing the public substantial amounts of money at a time when they can least afford it. This session looked at the known schemes, relevant case law and the latest developments.
  • Session 4 – In the current climate debt recovery is very challenging. This session looked at current performance, highlighted by the publication of 2016/17 collection rates, and gave a chance to share ideas on best practice to maximise income.
  • Session 5 – Gave an update on the Discretionary Rate Relief schemes and the check, challenge, appeal process as well as other topical issues that revenues practitioners should be aware of.

The presentation slides for the CBRS workshop are now available to download:


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