FAN accounting models for the new NDR regime

CIPFA FAN have produced draft models for the accounting for the new NDR regime, based on the NNDR 3 2013-2014 final draft as circulated to authorities by DCLG on 27 March 2014. The model is draft as the NNDR 3 may change based on any comments that DCLG have asked authorities for by 4 April 2014.

We though it better to get at least make a draft available to you at this stage, and will update a final version for any NNDR 3 changes w/c 14 April 2014.

The pooled authorities model is exactly the same as the individual authorities model, except there are additional worksheets to assist the lead authority in dealing with the calculation of safety net/levy for the pool.

We would envisage the model being used as a tool to check your accounting approach. It has had limited testing only and is based on the example that we worked through in the 'Accounting for the new NDR Regime in Local Government FAN' series, updated for changes that DCLG have subsequently made.

We hope you find this useful. Please email Caroline White with any feedback you have on the model so that it can tweaked where necessary.

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