accounts closedown 2012/13


Delegate pack materials relating to the joint CIPFA Finance Advisory Network (FAN)/Grant Thornton Undertaking the 2012-13 Accounts Closedown series of events are available to download below.

These include the final versions of the various presentations (some of which were updated during the series to reflect decisions made since the slides were drafted). The slides include presentations from FAN on the changes to the 2012/13 Code and Service Reporting Code of Practice for Local Authorities (SeRCOP), Local Authority Accounting Panel (LAAP) bulletins and draft regulations, a forward-looking session on changes for 2013/14 and beyond, and HM Treasury’s update on Whole of Government Accounts.

Also included are Grant Thornton’s slides on accounting/auditing ‘hotspots’, a workshop on decluttering your accounts, and practitioner presentations from Oldham and Barnet councils on how they have made significant improvements to their accounts closedown processes and signed off their accounts much earlier as a result.

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