FAN whole of government accounts 2012-13


This series was designed to provide delegates with an introduction to / a refresher on the Whole of Government Accounts (WGA) process and aid the completion of the 2012-13 Data Collection Tool (DCT / Pack).

The training events covered the key lessons learned from previous years’ WGA exercises, an explanation of the key qualification areas in WGA that impact on local authorities, and explored how the treasury’s move from Combined Online Information System (COINS) to the Online System for Central Accounting and Reporting (OSCAR) system has impacted on the design of the pack.

Delegates were provided with a comprehensive walk-through of the DCT, an explanation of the various pro-forma sheets, and some tips and tricks to minimise potential problems when using the new DCT (which for 2012/13 is designed to accommodate both Local Government and Central Government bodies). Of particular focus was the changes to the way practitioners progress through the data entry process, how the validations are handled and cleared, and the new sheet for analysing Counter Party (CPID) data to inform the removal of intra-WGA transactions and balances as part of the WGA consolidations.

The three main WGA qualifications relevant to local authorities are in respect of:

  1. counter Party eliminations
  2. the valuation basis of Highways Infrastructure Assets
  3. and uncertainties over the values recognised for School assets and Academies.

Delegates were provided with an update on actions being taken to address these issues. In respect of Highways Infrastructure Assets, the latest information from CIPFA/LASAAC appears to indicate an intention to introduce the change in valuation basis (from Depreciated Historic Cost to Depreciated Replacement Cost) for the 2015/16 Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting…further details will be announced in due course.

As with previous years, the WGA series was a joint presentation by CIPFA FAN and HM Treasury. The slides from the series are available below, together with the three hand-outs provided to delegates as part of the training.

Detailed guidance to local authorities on the completion of the 2012/13 DCT (including the Management Review Checklist) will be available from the new DCLG website and general WGA information will be available on the Treasury’s website (see the various links in Handout 2 below).

An FAQ document, containing answers to key questions raised during the series, has also been produced, and is included below for additional information.

Download handouts from the event

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