CIPFA Actuarial Summit 2017


The results of the 2017 Triennial Valuation will bring another round of intense scrutiny on the LGPS as the government, Scheme Advisory Board and an ever-growing number of employers will consider the implications at local and national level. Solvency levels, contribution rates, deficit recovery periods and a range of assumptions will be debated and challenged while the Actuary seeks to find a pragmatic solution.

The CIPFA Actuarial Summit in January offered a great opportunity to hear from all the actuaries involved, the presentations from the conference are available to download below:

Alison Murray

PDF 457 KB

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Barry McKay

PDF 830 KB

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Jeff Houston

PDF 387 KB

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John Bayliss

PDF 732 KB

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Mark Norquay

PDF 236 KB

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Mark Packham

PDF 524 KB

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Paul Middleman

PDF 650 KB

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Vis Nayar HSBC

PDF 945 KB

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