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Anti-bribery and corruption e-learning package

An accessible, engaging e-learning package designed to help organisations strengthen their bribery and corruption defences.

Bribery and corruption are ever-present threats, as highlighted by recent warnings from bodies including the EU and Transparency International, the publication of the UK Anti-Corruption Plan and the 2010 update of the UK Bribery Act.

Public bodies involved in commercial activity must be able to defend themselves against criminal liability under the act, which is why CIPFA has developed an anti-bribery and corruption e-learning package. Watch our video.

About the e-learning

The e-learning package is designed for those who require a working knowledge of bribery and corruption risks and the requirements of the UK Bribery Act 2010 as part of their job role, and those responsible for staff training.

The package is accessed via CIPFA's online learning platform and includes the elements below.

1. An in-depth course for counter fraud practitioners (single user licence) covering:

  • the UK Bribery Act 2010 and its effect on public officials and public bodies
  • the difference between bribery and corruption
  • the UK government's Anti-Corruption Plan, published in 2014
  • the main offences contained within the act
  • the fundamental principles of the bribery offences and the main terms used in the act
  • the jurisdictional reach of the act and who falls within it
  • how a public body involved in commercial activity can defend itself against criminal liability under the act

2. Two detailed guidance documents that complement the in-depth course content. One covers the Act in general while the other takes an international perspective and is aimed at those working abroad.

3. A short e-learning module that can be shared with all staff, featuring engaging graphics and illustrations to show how to recognise a bribe and what action can be taken in response.

The package has been developed with the leading fraud, anti-bribery and corruption expert Professor Alan Doig.


  • The e-learning is designed to strengthen your organisation's bribery and corruption defences by teaching staff what constitutes a bribe and corruption, the preventative measures that can be taken and what is covered by the act.
  • It can complement your organisation's own anti-bribery and corruption guidelines and policies.
  • The package caters for every member of staff, including those responsible for managing anti-bribery and corruption.
  • For those completing the in-depth course and short knowledge test, a certificate can be downloaded confirming completion and showing 2 CPD hours.
  • All elements of the package are accessible on any device with an internet connection.


In-depth course: 2 CPD hours

Short e-learning module that can be shared with all staff: 15-20 minutes

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