The Importance of Building Conditions Surveys


A CIPFA Building Condition Survey is a visual inspection carried out by qualified and experienced surveyors to provide crucial information about the physical, mechanical and electrical condition of your buildings.   It will also identify any urgent Health and Safety risks and any associated Statutory Compliance items.

The Building Condition Survey will provide you with the data to draw up a Planned Preventative Maintenance Programme, which is both Prioritised, Graded and Costed; this can be on an individual property basis or across your portfolio.   By prioritising and costing works this will ensure that the most urgent items are rectified first within the funding available. 

As well as providing information for planned maintenance; Condition Surveys can also assist throughout the life of your property by ensuring that you are making informed decisions at every stage:-

Acquisition – a Condition Survey will provide information on potential risk for investment, any potential high-cost repairs, level of future maintenance costs for owner occupier, any statutory compliance requirements.

Owner Occupier – a Condition Survey will identify building health & safety issues to avoid accidents or harm to occupiers / users thus avoiding legal claims and invalidation of insurance. It will identify urgent repairs which if left can disrupt the running of services or education of pupils (if a school building). It will identify breaches in Compliance and will provide recommendations on how to rectify.

Disposal – a Condition Survey will provide costed information on the condition of the existing building as well as projected maintenance costs; this information can be used by Council together with a Suitability Survey, Sustainability Assessment and Service Delivery information to ascertain if it is “Best Value” to maintain the building or to dispose of it.

CIPFA Property also carry out Pre-acquisition surveys, Schedules of Condition and Schedules of Dilapidations.

We have been carrying out Building Condition Surveys since 1999 for Local Government, Academies and Private Sector and we have surveyed Schools, Universities, Commercial Buildings, Retail Units, Industrial Units, Town Halls, Theatres, Farms, Hostels, Parks, Leisure Centres and even a WWII Bunker.  We can survey one building or across your portfolio – if you would like further information on our services, please Contact Jane Hughes on Tel 01244 394622 or