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An Introductory Guide To Local Government Finance (2019)


This updated guide is an essential introduction to local government finance for all those with an interest in public services. It is designed to be easy to read and give the reader the key information they need at their fingertips.

An Introductory Guide To Children's Social Care Funding (2018 edition)


Children's services have changed significantly since 2008 when the last edition of this title was prepared. There have been substantial changes to the legislative framework with two new Children's Acts in 2014 and 2017 and guidance changes following the Munro review in 2011. This publication offers an introduction to the subject as well as an understanding of the financial issues affecting the delivery of children's services.

Accounting and Auditing Standards: A Public Services Perspective (2018 Edition)


This revised edition provides an overview of standard setting as it affects public services in the UK, explaining the process by which standards are interpreted or adapted for the different public service sectors, and the key differences from private sector practice.

Company Financial Reporting: A Guide for Local Authorities


In response to the rapid growth in local authority trading companies (LATC) and the subsequent demand for guidance around LATC financial statements, this publication provides detailed and practical support on preparation of LATC financial statements.

An Introductory Guide to Financial Reporting in the Public Sector in the United Kingdom


This publication sets out why financial reporting in the public sector matters, what form that financial reporting takes, how financial reporting in the public sector is developed and what confidence is provided by the information that is produced.

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