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Financial Management Code support packages

Deliver sound financial management, build resilience

The tightening economic landscape has placed the finances of local authorities under intense pressure. Where finance in local government works well it's because of, and supported by, the principles of good financial management. 

CIPFA’s Financial Management Code (FM Code) was published in October 2019 and provides guidance for good and sustainable financial management in local authorities. The FM Code offers assurance that authorities are managing resources effectively, regardless of their current level of financial risk. 

Local authorities have done much to transform services, shape delivery and streamline costs. But for these approaches to be successful it is vital to have sound financial management embedded across an organisation. CIPFA can help and local authority professionals can get the most out of the FM Code through these support packages: 

The FM Code Silver Package 

Includes the Financial Management Code, Financial Management Code guidance notes, a financial management conference and a series of webinars.   

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The FM Code Gold Package 

Includes the Financial Management Code, Financial Management Code guidance notes, a financial management conference, a series of webinars and a bespoke tailored workshop.

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CIPFA's CFO summit explores financial management and resilience

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