Who's in your region

The members of the CIPFA in the Midlands Regional Council are listed below.

The regional council has overall responsibility for managing the region's affairs. It meets three or four times annually at venues across the midlands region, to consider a variety of business. Agendas and action notes can be found on the meetings and minutes page. To contact members, please contact E: cim@cipfa.org.

The regional council is assisted by other groups, for example the Students' Society, the events team, the December club for retired members and the CIPFA Midlands Audit Training Seminars (CATS) organising committee.

CIPFA Midlands promotes links with related professional bodies, such as the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). We are a member of the Professional Institute West Midlands (PINWM), which promotes networking between professionals, runs continuous professional development events with key speakers, and raises the profile of the member institutes.

If you are interested in any of the vacant co-opted roles, or in assisting the Region generally, please let us know - E: cim@cipfa.org

Officers (elected)

  • President: Kelly Watson
  • Vice-President: Tony Crawley
  • Immediate Past-President: Alison Jarrett
  • Honorary Secretary: Andy Morley (also the Constitutional Adviser)
  • Assistant Secretary: vacant
  • Immediate Past Secretary: n/a
  • Honorary Treasurer: Owen Campbell
  • Assistant Treasurer: Emma Cranidge
  • Events Co-ordinator: Nick Harvey - see below

CIPFA corporate members (elected)

  • Chris Blundell
  • Alison Breadon
  • Theresa Channell
  • Nick Harvey
  • Paul Hector
  • Hayley Mason
  • Gus Miah
  • Martin Reohorn
  • 2 vacancies

Co-opted members

  • HFMA Representative: Tony Crawley (Regional Vice President in his own right), supported by Alison Breadon
  • CATS chair: vacant
  • Website co-ordinator: Colin Sharpe
  • CIPFA student network link officer: vacant
  • Higher education expertise: vacant
  • Events team member: Melanie Brittain

Other appointments

  • CIPFA secretariat: Amie Hall

CIPFA Council members serving on the Midlands Council

  • Lisa Commane
  • Andy Hardy
  • Sean Pearce

Honorary auditor

  •   Sharon Longson