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Police Uplift Programme


Police Uplift Programme: integrating financial plans, strategic plans and performance management

The Police and Fire Network held a half day webinar to gain a better understanding of how police forces can integrate their financial and strategic plans, Force Management Statements and performance management in order to get the best out of the Police Uplift Programme. We considered the financial aspects of the programme, especially in the light of COVID-19, the hallmarks of a well performing force and how service delivery against the Police Uplift Programme will be tracked. We also considered how the FMS processes can be applied to support forces planning for the post-COVID world.

Speakers included:

  • Bill Skelly, Chief Constable for Lincolnshire and chair of the NPCC Performance Management Co-ordination Committee, on the PMCC’s recently issued guidance to forces on how to approach performance management and the hallmarks of a well-performing force.   He will also provide an update on the debate about how to track service delivery against the Police Uplift Programme – the National Outcomes Dashboard.
  • Ian Cosh, Director of Resources at Lancashire Constabulary, on the financial aspects and implications for support functions from the Police Uplift Programme, and the implications of the flexibilities in Police Uplift funding to assist with COVID-19 related expenditure.
  • Karen Mellodew, Deputy Portfolio Director, HMICFRS, on how FMS processes can be applied to support forces planning for the post-Covid world, focusing on strategic planning, demand, what we have learned to-date and how they can help forces prepare for an uncertain future.
  • Alison Dewhirst, Police Advisor, CIPFA, on the latest financial and strategic developments within the police sector.

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