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Council Tax Demands And Precepts 2019/20 Estimates


This publication describes the local levies made by authorities to fund expenditure following the implementation of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.
It includes the number of chargeable dwellings by band; the average council tax per dwelling; the average Band D equivalent council tax; authorities’ budget requirements and levels of precepts.
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Streamlining the Accounts


This publication provides practical suggestions on how the annual statement of accounts can strike a better balance between compliance with standards and providing clearer, simpler and more transparent information. It focuses on things that matter most in a local authority context.

Rating Review Actuals 2015-16 (Excel)


This journal is considered to be the most authoritative guide to local government financial statistics in Scotland.

The publication includes statistics and actual expenditure information for all 32 authorities.

Actual expenditure on all services is included, as well as information relating to the number of councillors, the council tax base and non-domestic rateable values for each authority. For the three major services areas of housing, education and social work, more detail information is included.

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Local Authority Capital Accounting - A Reference Manual for Practitioners


This publication is a practical reference manual dealing with all the capital accounting issues commonly faced by local authorities. Written in an informal and accessible style, it is suitable for newcomers to the topic as well as to those with experience who want to check and improve their understanding. This is an extended and updated edition of the book published in 2016.

The Guide To Local Government Finance (2019)


Updated for 2019, this publication covers the principles of sound financial management in the full range of local government services, together with an introduction to the complex funding system that supports them.