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Code Of Practice On Local Authority Accounting In The United Kingdom: Guidance Notes For Practitioners 2018/19


These guidance notes offer constructive advice and assistance to practitioners and external auditors on all aspects of the detailed application and implementation of the 2018/19 Code of Practice.

Children's Services Statistics 2018/19 Estimates Excel


This publication contains a wide range of financial data on all aspects of the education service and some non-financial data.
It includes the number of: schools, pupils, pupils with special educational needs, early years, and detailed information on local authorities' education budget statements – including age weighted funding per pupil, schools budget, LEA budget, and youth and community.
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Fire and Rescue Service Statistics 2018 (Excel)


This publication contains actual and estimated income and expenditure figures, together with data on: number of fire stations; appliances; personnel; firefighters' pension fund.
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Police Objective Analysis Estimates (Excel)


The Police Objective Analysis (POA) is a data collection for analysing individual police authority expenditure. It has been developed to support the need for understandable, accurate and consistent information to allow internal and inter-force comparisons.
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Code Of Practice On Local Authority Accounting In The United Kingdom: Disclosure Checklist For 2018/19 Accounts


If you are responsible for preparing or auditing local authority accounts to ensure that the requirements of the Code are met, this checklist will provide all the authoritative guidance you are looking for.