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Highways And Transportation Statistics 2017/18 Actuals


This publication provides details of authorities’ estimated revenue and capital expenditure, including information on the cost of routine maintenance, street lighting, winter service, road safety, public transport (including revenue support and concessionary fares), co-ordination costs of transport support, park and ride schemes and car parking.
Supplementary information includes details of gross income from car parking charges, the number of car parking spaces and the number of penalty/excess charge tickets issued. Information on road lengths is also included with a detailed analysis of road maintenance expenditure per kilometre.
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International Public Financial Management


People rely on their governments to provide a wide range of public services from an inevitably limited budget and therefore the better that the public money is managed the more services that can be delivered. This book provides vital reading for practitioners working in the public sector and students of public sector accounting.

Council Farms Statistics 2017/18 Actuals (Excel)


This publication provides detailed financial and other information on council farms/rural estates in England and Wales, including: the number and types of farm/rural estate; average size; acquisitions and disposals; tenancies; rent roll; capital expenditure on acquisitions etc and staff employed. It also includes operational and non-operational expenditure, including the cost of estate management.
As of 2015/16, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has started a collaboration with CIPFA on the collection of council farms, thus making the completion of the questionnaire a statutory obligation for England. CIPFA Council Farms data is used for the annual report to Parliament on Local Authority Smallholdings in England collated by Defra.
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An Introductory Guide To Children's Social Care Funding (2018 edition)


Children's services have changed significantly since 2008 when the last edition of this title was prepared. There have been substantial changes to the legislative framework with two new Children's Acts in 2014 and 2017 and guidance changes following the Munro review in 2011. This publication offers an introduction to the subject as well as an understanding of the financial issues affecting the delivery of children's services.

CIPFA Fire and Rescue Service Profile 2018


The CIPFAstats Fire and Rescue Service Comparative Profiles have been developed in response to requests from fire and rescue authorities from around the UK. Our comparative profiles use the latest CIPFAstats data alongside information from Home Office and other sources, bringing it into simple and easy to read charts that collectively build up a detailed view of how your service compares to others.