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Property Support For Schools Information Notes: Volume 1


Volume one of the Property Support for Schools Information Notes provides practical advice for anyone struggling to understand how to approach some of the fundamentals of managing a school estate.

Treasury Management in the Public Services: Guidance Notes for Local Authorities incl Police and Fire Authorities (2018)


Available to order now. Publication date August 2018.

These sector-specific guidance notes draw attention to the requirements of statutes and regulations, and to common practices and current issues specific to local authority treasury management. They should be read in conjunction with the Treasury Management Code of Practice and the Prudential Code for Capital Finance.

Council Tax Demands and Precepts 2018/19 Estimates (Excel)


This publication describes the local levies made by authorities to fund expenditure following the implementation of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.
It includes the number of chargeable dwellings by band; the average council tax per dwelling; the average Band D equivalent council tax; authorities’ budget requirements and levels of precepts.
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CIPFA Fire and Rescue Service Profile 2017


The CIPFAstats Fire and Rescue Service Comparative Profiles have been developed in response to requests from fire and rescue authorities from around the UK. Our comparative profiles use the latest CIPFAstats data alongside information from Home Office and other sources, bringing it into simple and easy to read charts that collectively build up a detailed view of how your service compares to others.

Waste Collection And Disposal Statistics 2016/17 Actuals


This publication contains a detailed range of all facets of waste collection and disposal including: the number of properties receiving a waste collection service, operational management, and method of service provision.
It includes the quantities of waste arising and management, the methods of treatment and disposal, capital and revenue expenditure and the net cost of specific processes.
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