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Effective Governance of Police Collaboration


This webinar shared the findings of CIPFA's Effective Governance Of Collaboration In Policing publication, produced in conjunction with the Police People Development sub-group. It covered:

  • identifying aspects of governance the need to be considered when entering into police collaboration arrangements, once they are up and running and when things go wrong
  • two case studies of collaborative arrangements within the sector on their experiences, benefits achieved so far and plans for the future
  • practical issues around collaboration and how they might be addressed

Speakers included:

  • John Bloomer, CFO, Staffordshire Police
  • Iain McCulloch, CFO for the PCC for Sussex
  • Kelvin Menon, CFO for the PCC for Surrey
  • Pete Gillett, Executive Director for Commercial and Financial Services, Surrey and Sussex Police
  • Alison Dewhirst, Police Advisor, CIPFA



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