Summer TMN Workshops Implementing the new Regulatory Framework


2017/18 saw the introduction of a new regulatory environment with CIPFA’s new Prudential and Treasury Management Codes and MHCLG launching new Investment and MRP Guidance in addition to wider financial markets regulation in the form of MiFID II.

These changes will start to impact in 2018/19 and Authorities will now have to consider how to produce a Capital Strategy which brings together existing policies around Capital, Debt and Investment. This was also a real opportunity to fully explore a wide range of investment options based upon local risk appetites but this must include the proper due diligence and long term planning to reflect current and planned treasury positions.

This year’s summer workshops sessions were carefully chosen to reflect the most critical issues:

  • CIPFA News Bulletin  
  • Economic Update – Lloyds discuss their insight into investment behaviours and how they are reacting.
  • Preparing a Capital Strategy – time to start preparing so what’s involved?
  • Skills and Capacity – delivering the right training and resources for officers and members to optimise decision making
  • Investment governance – how do we think about alternative investments
  • The materials from the workshops are available to download below:


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