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 Local Taxation

The Discounts and Reliefs chapter has been updated to include an amendment to Section 11B of the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

A new chapter titled 'Impact of Personal Insolvency on Debt Collection' has been created, which details the three different methods of personal insolvency and the implication this has on council tax collection. 

An explanatory note has been added to Business Rate Supplements to provide additional context to the current situation regarding the provision of business rate supplements.

 Police and Fire

A new chapter Police Funding in England and Wales for 2020/21 has been added to the stream. The chapter covers grant allocations for police funding for 2020/21, including the general grant and the various specific grants. It shows how the funding is broken down between sources and the allocations to individual bodies, and also discusses funding for Operation Uplift.

 Financial Management and Corporate Governance

Case Studies: Value for Money has been updated to include a new section comparing the value for money initiatives of Luton Borough Council and Kent County Council. A new case study has also been added to the chapter on Cumbria County Council’s early payment of providers value for money initiative.

Annual Governance Statement: Central Government has been brought fully up to date to explain the role of the governance statement in central government bodies’ accounts and outline the role played by the audit and risk assurance committee in assessing its robustness.

 Leisure and Cultural Services

The Latest Publications page has been updated with recent news in relation to arts and leisure, including some initial findings around the effects of lockdown on health and wellbeing.

 Local Authority Accounting

The following CIPFA publications have been added to the Local Authority Accounting stream:

  • The Prudential Code for Capital Finance in Local Authorities: Guidance Notes for Practitioners, 2018 Edition
  • Treasury Management in the Public Services: Guidance Notes for Local Authorities Including Police Authorities and Fire Authorities, 2018 Edition

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  • 05/05/2020 11:24:18
  • Commercial waste disposal at the HWRC-VAT liability


  • 05/03/2019 10:22:13
  • Fraud Bulletin for Staff


  • 06/07/2020 08:04:59
  • Collection Fund Accounting - NNDR

 Capital and Treasury

  • 27/04/2020 12:24:20
  • Donated or Service concession

 Section 33 VAT Network

  • 30/06/2020 13:53:54
  • National VAT Group minutes
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