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Tree Root Subsidence Claims details the claims process related to subsidence damage caused by tree roots. It also provides sources of further information and a list of subsidence related court cases. This section has been updated to cover the types of movement that can occur in buildings and the processes for determining and investigating structural movement.

  • 22 Oct 2018

 Internal Audit

Fire and Rescue Authorities considers the organisation of the fire and rescue service in the UK and the arrangements for internal and external audit, and identifies emerging themes and current issues. This section has been reviewed and updated to reflect policy and legislative developments.

  • 15 Oct 2018


Light Rail examines the role of light rail (tramways) in local public transport and its position in relation to other methods of passenger transport. It provides an overview of UK tramway networks, covering existing schemes and recent developments, including tram-trains.

  • 04 Oct 2018

 ICT and Business Transformation

ICT Strategy is written for non-IT specialists and explains the role and content of an ICT strategy. It has been updated in light of the GDPR.

  • 03 Oct 2018

 Adult Social Care and Health

The Better Care Fund (BCF) is a programme spanning both the NHS and local government which seeks to join up health and social care services. This new section provides an overview of the BCF, including a summary of the latest funding position for 2018/19.

  • 03 Oct 2018
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 MTD delayed for some organisations
HMRC delays mandation for certain customers until 1 October 2019 to ensure there is sufficient time to test the service.
 Northants appoints new finance chief
Northamptonshire County Council has appointed a new finance chief to take up the reins, the local authority has confirmed.
 CIPFA VAT Committee minutes
The minutes of the meeting held on 5 July 2018 are now available.
 Social Housing Green Paper published
The Green Paper proposes the government’s vision to provide safe and secure homes, combat stigma and hold landlords to account.
 Northants plans ‘radical service’ reductions after second 114 notice
Northamptonshire Council has proposed 'radical service reductions' in areas including care for vulnerable people as a response to its second 114 notice.
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 Capital and Treasury

  • 19/10/2018 16:18:42
  • Item 8 determination - Interest on notional balances


  • 18/10/2018 17:09:32
  • Electricity supplied for electric cars


  • 18/10/2018 11:49:33
  • Policy Maintenance


  • 16/10/2018 16:46:15
  • Reversal of REFCUS in later years


  • 09/10/2018 13:47:11
  • Former Council Properties - RTB
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