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Buses – Context and Service Provision and Buses – Development and Investment have both now been fully revised for recent developments since 2019, including the new National Bus Strategy. Street Lighting has also been reviewed and updated.

 Internal Audit

The chapter on Process Mapping has been fully revised to provide an up-to-date guide on constructing process maps, including relevant examples. The chapter on Academies Assurance also now incorporates the key risks involved in the academy transfer process, along with suggested controls.

 Government Grants and Business Rates Retention

The Localisation of Council Tax Support chapter has been extensively reviewed and now includes COVID-19 information. The Police Funding chapter has also been updated with the 2021/22 data.

 Health VAT

The minutes from the HFMA VAT Technical Sub-Committee meeting on 24 September 2020 are now available.


The chapters on Alternative Risk Transfer and Parametric Insurance Solutions have been updated, and the MMI Scheme of Arrangement chapter has been updated to reflect the data from the 2020 annual report and accounts.

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  • 26/05/2021 08:13:47
  • Car Mileage Rates for Employees Travel Claims : Electric Cars


  • 10/06/2021 09:30:08
  • Member Register of Interest


  • 14/05/2021 15:50:46
  • Test

 Capital and Treasury

  • 24/05/2021 11:47:07
  • Revaluation of Fixed Assets

 Section 33 VAT Network

  • 22/12/2020 15:22:54
  • Minutes for CIPFA VAT Committee meeting on 13 November 2020
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