Recent Council Tax Publications

posted on 18 June 2019, updated on 01 January 0001

On 31 May 2019 the Welsh Government published two documents in relation to research into the impact of universal credit on council tax reduction schemes and rent arrears in Wales. 

The aims of the research relate to:

  1. Council tax reduction levels and caseload – better understanding will help design a potential future CTR scheme and highlight barriers to claiming council tax support.
  2. Council tax arrears and rent arrears – moving to universal credit may mean changes to people's income and their subsequent ability to pay council tax or rent.

The aim of the research is to:

  • assess the impact of universal credit on CTRS caseload and award levels in Wales
  • develop a clear picture of the winners and losers – ie households that will be better or worse off under universal credit in the context of CTRS awards, to inform the CTRS uprating regulations
  • assess the impact of reducing the CTRS taper for means-tested applicants and updating non-dependant deductions that form part of the calculation for a council tax reduction
  • develop an understanding of patterns of council tax debt and arrears across Wales and within and between Welsh local authorities
  • assess the wider impact of universal credit on rent arrears in Wales and the reasons behind this; explore the awareness and the use of the available support offered by DWP, and that provided by landlords and third party organisations.

As part of this research, universal credit claimants as well as stakeholders are being invited to take part in a survey that explores their experience of universal credit. Participation is completely voluntary. However, their views and experiences are important in order to help inform Welsh Government policies as well as assisting them in determining additional support provision and future funding needs.

A final report on its findings will be published in January 2020.

The two documents can be accessed here: claimants and stakeholders

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