Latest statistical release of Collections Rates and Receipts for Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rates in England published

posted on 02 July 2020, updated on 02 July 2020

The latest statistical release of 2019/20 collection rates and receipts for Council Tax and non-domestic rates in England has been published.

Impact of COVID-19 on the collection process

The annual release normally contains data on arrears and write-offs, however, due to pressures relating to the coronavirus pandemic, not all authorities were able to submit this data in time for this release. Authorities were provided more time to submit their data. They were allowed to prioritise the submission of the parts of the form relating to receipts data and localised council tax support claimants over the part relating to arrears and write-offs). Also, certification by the Chief Finance Officer was suspended. It was not possible to impute this data to create national level figures.

A revised 2019-2020 release will be issued once the government has received the outstanding returns.

You can read the full report here.

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