Career hub spotlight – resources for you

Following the launch of the CIPFA career hub in June, a wide range of exciting new tools and resources is now available for all.

As a member, you can get free access to the career hub if you haven’t already, where you can gain access to exclusive content and features. All you need are your MyCIPFA login details. The following is just a taster of what is available.


Your CV

If you’re looking to freshen up your CV for your next promotion or want to optimise it to increase your chance at interview, we recommend CV360. Its system analyses everything from basic grammar and spelling to how applicant tracking systems (ATS) will rank your CV for prospective employers.

Get instant feedback on your CV today.

Interview skills

Interviews can be intimidating, but the secret to success is preparation. INTERVIEW360 will help you elevate your skills and give instant feedback. You have the choice of recording yourself or writing your answers down, and you can send those answers to your tutors or trusted colleagues to help work on both the content of your answers and how you present yourself.

Work on your interview skills


Excel courses

Do you want to get started in Microsoft Excel, or have you grasped the basics but need to brush up on your skills? The career hub has beginner and intermediate courses available.

Remote working

Working remotely is still a new challenge many of us are facing. This course provides you with the tools and skills you need to comfortably keep in touch with your team and help protect your work life balance and wellbeing.

Improve your working from home situation now.

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